Bombs Away

Album: Ageing, Death, Recovery (2005)

Song: When We Were 17

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Bombs Away is Mac Brown (guitarist, vocalist), Shawn Fagan (bassist, vocalist), Dave Hepner (guitarist, vocalist), and Mark Hudson (drummer, vocalist). Based out of Delaware, they have been together for over a year now. In mid-April of 2004, they released their first album titled "Ageing, Death, Recovery". It features songs such as "When We Were 17" and the drinking-awareness song "The Red Glass Trials". Having played with bands, such as Punchline and Allister, Bombs Away is slowly making a name for itself. They will be entering the studio again some time in 2005, recording songs such as "Leland" and "Moonlit Bride", songs which have shown their maturity since the release of their first CD.